Book Review: Some Buried Caesar by Rex Stout

October 6, 2009 at 6:37 am (Book World) (, , , , )

Story Basics:

  1. A prize bull is to be butchered as a publicity stunt.
  2. A man is murdered in the bull’s pen.
  3. The truth behind the crime is not what anyone but Nero Wolfe would expected.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

  • Punctuated with complex language that kept me on my toes because of the wit abounding in each sentence.
  • I adored the language. Everyone of Stout’s characters had a vocabulary that astounded.
  • I find a novel to be the next best thing to primary resources for gleaming the pop culture of a time. I was both pleasantly surprised and amused by my preconceptions.
  • It made me harshly aware of how fast novels are paced today. I fear the conclusions future readers will make about the pop culture of this time.
  • Stout’s two female characters fit into stock roles of the good girl and the bad girl. The bad girl gets more print time and is featured in solving the case. I wonder if this says more about Stout specifically or the time frame in general.
  • I am interested in reading more of Stout but think I’d want to also read other greats from that era to see how the pop culture compares between authors. Life is nothing without the people.

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