Movie Plot Holes

October 8, 2009 at 6:43 am (General List) (, )

Not all of them are large enough to drive a Mack truck through, but Cars did a good job of that on its own.

  1. The Longest Yard: Adam Sandler’s gang of convict football players have issues related to a wet practice field and the timing of the big game against the guards.
  2. Coyote Ugly:  During the dance sequence with “Devil went Down to Georgia” the lyrics are out of order.
  3. Transformers: If the Decepticons are smart enough to hack the DoD why didn’t the hack a Paypal account and just buy the glasses?

What movie plot hole should have been a black hole in your view?


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Banned Book Week Manifesto

October 2, 2009 at 6:42 am (To Do) (, , )


To you zealots and bigots and false
patriots who live in fear of discourse.
You screamers and banners and burners
who would force books
off shelves in your brand name
of greater good.

You say you’re afraid for children,
innocents ripe for corruption
by perversion or sorcery on the page.
But sticks and stones do break
bones, and ignorance is no armor.
You do not speak for me,
and will not deny my kids magic
in favor of miracles.

You say you’re afraid for America,
the red, white and blue corroded
by terrorists, socialists, the sexually
confused. But we are a vast quilt
of patchwork cultures and multi-gendered
identities. You cannot speak for those
whose ancestors braved
different seas.

You say you’re afraid for God,
the living word eroded by Muhammed
and Darwin and Magdalene.
But the omnipotent sculptor of heaven
and earth designed intelligence.
Surely you dare not speak
for the father, who opens
his arms to all.

A word to the unwise.
Torch every book.
Char every page.
Burn every word to ash.
Ideas are incombustible.
And therein lies your real fear.

— Ellen Hopkins,
bestselling author of Crank and newly published Tricks

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Phrases I need to stop saying

September 7, 2009 at 7:42 am (Life Long Learning) ()

  1. No really?
  2. I can do that. No problem
  3. Okay, grandma
  4. It’s not too expensive…
  5. Fine, dear, whatever

Because they always lead to some kind of trouble.

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